Blue is a Easter Egg phantom character in Five Nights at Piggy's 3He is an eyeless robotic version of Jay, Jake, or Jim from Angry Birds who appears in The Office.


He is an eyeless robotic version of Jay, Jake, or Jim from Angry Birds. He is a sky blue bird with orange-red eye bags and he has a orange-yellow beak. He has no eyes whatsoever, however, he has glowing pupils. Blue also appears to be really glossy.



Blue's Jumpscare

Blue only appears on Night 6 and Custom Night (FNaP 3). He does appears somewhat rarely. He is avoided if the player raises up the Monitor (FNaP) when he disappears. If the player doesn't do this action, then Blue will kill the player.


  • Blue is based on Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's (The game's inspiration), as they both:
    • Have no eyes
    • They're Easter Eggs
    • They're face goes towards the player upon death
  • He is one of Jevron L Freeman's favorite characters in both Angry Birds and Five Nights at Piggy's.

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