Chuck is one of the main antagonist of Five Nights at Piggy's Beta.



Chuck's Jumpscare.

Chuck seems to have the most withered state in the beta as he has a missing right eyebrow, stitches, and a rusty belly. He also appears to have blood flowing out of his eyes, his left eyebrow, and nostrils.


  • Chuck's Jumpscare seems to match the jumpscares of both Foxy and The Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 as they both launch at the player.
  • It is possible that Chuck has a missing eye.
  • Chuck is more rounder than himself in Angry Birds Toons and the Angry Birds game.
  • Unlike himself from the final game, Chuck's whole entire torso blends into the darkness. This same ability in the beta was also given to Terrence (Beta Version).
  • When Chuck is in the Hallway, he is regularly yellow, however when he jumpscares the player, Chuck has a tint of orange on his torso.
  • Chuck was the first enemy added to the Five Nights at Piggy's Beta.



Chuck's top feathers barely seen while the player flashes the flashlight through the crack in the wall.