Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs is a secondary antagonist in Five Nights at Piggy's. 


Daddy Long Legs is a tall, bloody, red mutant-like creature that roams in Chammy's Hammy Pan. He is red, has three tall and long legs, has eight teeth, has 21 eyes, has yellow pupils, and has a squid (kinda) like head.


Daddy Long Legs starts at Backstage-1 then heads towards to the Office Hallway, the Office (first strike), Backstage-1 (again), Office Air Vent, Office (second strike), the Backstage-1/Junior's Playroom vent, the Hallway, the Office Doorway, then finally into the Office (last strike) the starts the whole entire routine again.



  • It is safe to say that Daddy Long Legs was removed from Five Nights at Piggy's because he has a striking resemblance to The Redman (a.k.a, the man who drank lava and lived kinda) from One Night at Flumpty's.
  • Daddy Long Legs is the only character that has no type of species.
  • He is the third antagonist in Five Nights at Piggy's to not be based on any Angry Birds characters. Suit-1 and Suit-2 being the 1st/2nd.


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