Deaths/Jumpscares is a mechanic that tells the player game over.

This often happens when the player fails to avoid the animatronics or if they wear the Chammy Hammy Dammy mask at the wrong time.


If Chuck is found in the hallway, the player must flash the flashlight at him each time in order for him to go away. If the player never flashes the flashlight at him, Chuck will anytime jumpscare.


If the player summons Silver then pull down the monitor, Silver will immediately jumpscare the player.


Unlike any other character in the beta, Suit-1 has two different jumpscares. His main jumpscare happens when the player doesn't put on the Chammy Hammy Dammy Head while he is in the Office. However, his secondary happens after Suit-1 runs into the hallway if the player doesn't wind up his chains.



Chuck's Beta Jumpscare.


Lucky Pucky Wucky's Jumpscare.


Silver's Jumpscare.


Terrence's Beat Jumpscare (look if you don't suffer from epilepsy.)


Suit-2's Jumpscare.

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