This is all the easter eggs in all Five Nights at Piggy's games including the beta.

Five Nights at Piggy's Beta

  • If Suit-1 enters the Dining Isle, things will become different.

    Dining Isle (Normal)


Dining Isle (With Suit-1)

  • The stars that were connected to one string were replaced with skulls
  • The poster with the caption,"let's go green," will change into a caption saying,"let's go SAVETHEM!" Additionally, Chammy Hammy Dammy's eyes will tear out black blood and turn hollow with white glowing pupils.
  • Blood will appear on the tables.
  • Random colored rings will appear on the tables.
  • Wires appear around  Suit-1

  • The suits from the Costume Closet will activate themselves.

    The Costume Closet Suits activating themselves.

    The words death and die is written in blood in the walls and all the suits will either have white or black blood flowing out of them based on the clothing they're wearing.

Five Nights at Piggy's

  • If the player flashes the flashlight into the hallway, they will rarely see a poster in the hallway saying,"HELP ME," with a colorless pig with hollowed eyes.

Five Night's at Piggy's 3

  • Nightmare Hal
  • Rarely when booting up the game a eyeless version of a character will appear on screen
    Rare 1

    eyeless Female Red

    Rare 2

    eyeless Hal

    Rare 3

    eyeless Hal 2

    Rare 4

    eyeless Matilda

    Rare 5

    eyeless Bubbles

    Rare 6

    eyeless Mighty Eagle