Five Nights at Piggy's is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game made by Jevron Freeman. The game is also based by one of the popular mobile game "Angry Birds." Five Nights at Piggy's" a.k.a " Five Nights at Piggy Bay Buffet" is a horror clicking game made with a game making program " Clickteam Fusion 2.5." 


The beta was a lot different from the actual game. The pictures for every game mechanic and location was drawn with sketch. The beta also featured two totally different characters called Suit-1 and Suit-2. These enemies were explained by the game's creator Jevron Freeman on Google Plus.

Five Nights at Piggy's

The horror game's setting takes place in a fictional building " Piggy Bay Buffet." As what Phone Pig explains that the resturant is in a fictional city called " Hamtown " a.k.a " Hamton " and the city takes place from the island in the Angry Birds series, "Piggy Island." The game's appearance seems to be a horror game that could ruin your childhood, others being Five Nights at Treasure Island , Five Nights at Chuck e Cheese ,Five Nights at Thomas's , and Five Nights at the Krusty Krabs.


  • 2014, the series of Five Nights at Piggy's was planned after Jevron Freeman's previous video Five Nights at Reddy's
  • A long teaser video was revealed on Jevron's youtube videos as seen here
  • A trailer was posted on Jevron's youtube channel as seen here
  • This Wiki was born and simply called "Five Nights at Piggy's Wiki"
  • The game was remade into a test beta but failed.
  • The beta was being reborn as the game we see in the trailer.
  • The beta was remade.
  • More info coming soon.

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