King Pig is the owner and boss of Red's Resturant and Piggy Bay Buffet. King Pig (possibly) is also the ruler of Piggy Island.

Five Nights at Piggy's

King Pig had stopped teaming with Red (Bird) and started his own restaurant called Piggy Bay Buffet. He made more money than in his previous resturant and made the place into a buffet. His money grew bigger and grew into stacks.

Five Nights at Piggy's 2

King Pig and Red (Bird) had wanted to create a resturant that was heart loving and entertaining to kids and adults. King Pig came up with a idea. Red and King Pig had teamed up and created something that no pig or bird had never build before in Piggy Island. They made a resturant. Not just a resturant, but animatronics. Then, Red's Resturant came to be.

​Five Nights at Piggy's 3

King Pig's buffet was burned down, but at least that he saved 1,000,000,000,000 golden eggs in his bank. Because of this, he made a second buffet. This time, he had improved the resturant. He had made more animatronics and made more rooms.


  • It is easy to imagine what King Pig's full body will look like because of what he's called.

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