Were you looking for Red's counterparts? Red (Beta Version) from the original Five Nights at Piggy's (Beta), or his other (possible) counter part, Red (Bird)

Red is a antagonist of Five Nights at Piggy's.


Red is basically a Withered Chica in Angry Birds version. He has a loose jaw, peach belly, blue pupils, rectangular teeth, a sharp beak, round top feathers, and a visible endoskeleton. He also has no eye sockets and and has no eyebrows, the same Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


Red starts at Backstage-1 then moves towards to the Office Air Vent then into the Office.


  • Like himself in the Beta, Red is the only animatronic with the smallest movement cycle as Red is only seen in three locations. This excludes Stella However since Stella is not seen in any cameras but instead teleports.
  • Red is the only bird animatronic that has a loose jaw.
    • Red is also the only animatronic to have eye color.
    • This excludes Ruby as her eye color is only seen once but Red's eye color appears all the time.

Mugshot 3

New Red.


Red has the same design from the original Five Nights at Piggy's game but has new features in him. Red is now more brightend with clarity and has added wires.


Red starts at Backstage-1 then heads towards to Backstage-2, Vent-1, Show Stage, The Meeting Room, Dining Area, Bomb's Playroom, Vent-3, Vent-5, then into the Office.


  • Unlike himself from the original Five Nights at Piggy's, Red goes to more locations rather than just going into three.
  • Red is the only animatronic that has a updated model. This excludes Terrence as his model has been updated in the second game.
  • Red has the same jumpscare of himself from the first game.

FNaP 3

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