Menu Music

Music Ambient


6:00 AM Clock Chime

Clock Chime
6:00 AM Cheer
Clock Cheer

Animatronics' Movement

Animatronic Footstep


Ssenkrad's Jumpscare

Ssenkrad Screen

The Sound that plays when Ssenkrad appears on the screen

Ssenkrad Morse

Ambient Noises

Ambient 1
Ambient 2
Ambient 3
Doorway Ambient

Office Noises

The Lights

Light Flicker

The Monitor

Camera Move
Camera Switch
Monitor Up Down


Pig Animatronics

Pig Jump

The Sound that plays when Wiggly is in The Office

Wiggly Interference (

The Sound emitted from Lucky

Lucky Jump

The Sound that plays when Piggy Ham Bacon moves

Deep Cry

Bird Animatronics

Birds Jumpscare

The sound emitted from Terrence

Terrence Jump

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