Stella is an antagonist in Five Nights at Piggy's.


Stella 1

Stella's Jumpscare (Only seen in the third game.)

Stella is photoshoped model of Stella from Angry Birds Go. Stella has shown endoskeleton eyes with white glowing pupils and her belly of her torso is gone. Sometimes, she will appear to have a glowing red eye.


Stella starts at Backstage-1 then teleports into the Office randomly.


  • Stella is the only female character that teleports
  • Stella is also the only animatronic that reveals her endoskeleton eyes throughout the game. This excludes Piggy since his endoskeleton eyes are not shown on stage unless he gets off stage.
  • Stella is the only bird animatronic with the smallest beak.
  • Stella is the only character with a jumpscare made of one frame.

Five Nights at Piggy's 3

Mugshot 5

Stella in Five Nights at Piggy's 3.


Stella has her same appearnce from the original Five Nights at Piggy's but now, she has no eyes.


Stella starts at Backstage-2 then teleports into the Office in random occasions. If the player pulls up the monitor while Stella is in the Office, the player will be quickly jumpscared by her. However, when the player hides in the closet while Stella is in the Office, she will teleport back into Backstage-2.


Stella 240

Original Stella.

FNaP 1
Backstage 2 1

Stella in Backstage-1.

Backstage 2 2

No red.

Office 13

Stella in the Office.

FNaP 3
Backstage 2 1-0

Stella in a box in Backstage-2.

Backstage 2 2-0

No red.

Office 9-0

Stella in the Office (Note: She has glowing eyes.)