Suit-2 was an old antagonist from Beta 1.0.1. Now, he is removed from the game.



Suit-1's Custom Night mugshot.

Suit-2 is a grey-ish black costume that has a white face resembling that of a smile and has white blood fluid flowing out of his neck, eyes, mouth, and his hands.


  • In Beta 1.0.4, Suit-2 replaced Suit-1 because of Suit-1's removal.
    • Because of this, Suit-2 was given the ability to run
    • Interestingly enough, the creator was about to add Suit-2 inti the final game. However, he was removed from the game because as said by the creator, "he was just too ugly."
  • While Suit-1 is in Backstage-2, he is dark-ish gray. However, in his jumpscare, he is black.
    • Additionally, he has black pupils.



Suit-2's Jumpscare.


Suit-2 hanging on the ceiling. Strangely, he is not flowing white blood.


Suit-2 looking into the Backstage-2 camera.


Suit-1 and Suit-2 in Jevron's unused teaser.

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