Terrence has brown rust around his body, mostly his belly. He also has a stitch on his forehead, as well on his other body parts too. Unlike Terrence from Angry Birds, this Terrence has blue irises.  Terrence is also the biggest animatronic in-game, as he seems to be the same size as the whole office.


  • Terrence might be presumably bigger and taller than the full, in-game Terrence.


Terrence from the full game has the same appearance as himself from Angry Birds and Angry Birds Go. Terrence is a big red animatronic cardinal with a big belly, random maroon spots (either big, medium, or small), lines running down his fore head, and has two top feathers. He also has two back feathers too.

The most Iconic part of Terrence is his angry-looking unibrow. Terrence also has a big golden yellow beak that is the size of his eyes. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Terrence's two eyes are connected and glued into each other.


  • Terrence's original jumpscare had him rolling into the player and shaking. This animation was dropped because Jevron L Freeman thought it was hilarious.



Terrence's Jumpscare. SEIZURE WARNING!!