In 2014, everything was going well. There was piglets, there was birdlings, there was our great and yummy food, and finally our bird animatronics. Our bird animatronics is the main focus of our resturant. This resturant was Red's Resturant, a place for Pigs, piglets, Birds, and then birdlings. One night, 12 AM, one of our animatronics, Red, wanders off stage for a reason. Red goes into the kitchen to find a 1-year old sandwich that has left to rot. Red looked at the sandwich for 10 seconds to analyze the sandwich. Suddenly, Red falls down while opening and closing his mouth then suddenly eating the sandwich on accident. Red however didn't malfunctioned though. However, something was wrong with his vision. After the night came to 6 AM. Red walked back on-stage to wait for piglets and birdlings. Then, the young(s) was excited rushing into the resturant immediately. Then, it was show time. Curtains opened. Then, Red saw some young(s). Red then saw the piglets and birdlings as the discusting sandwich he saw at 5 AM. Red started to walk off stage. Pigs and Birds thought this was part of the show but it wasn't. Red then looked at a piglet. Red's jaw was close to the piglet's head. There was no good end for the piglet as Red literally ate the whole piglet's head and body. Then, Pigs and Birds were shouting and crying in the resturant. Good thing someone called 9-11. Everyone evacuated the resturant. Months after the incident, Red's Resturant was soon removed from Hamtown and was replaced by the rival food place, Piggy Bay Buffet. Bird animatronics were destoyed and only seen in the backstage of Piggy Bay Buffet. It looks like it is the end for them but however roam around the locations of Piggy Bay Buffet.


  • As said in the story, it is possible that Red's Resturant is built in 2013. There is proof that acording to the story, someone left a 1-year old sandwich somewhere in the Kitchen.
    • This makes Red's Resturant the long lasting resturant built by King Pig.


Ending 3

A newspaper that is seen when completing Night 6 saying that the bird animatronics are scrapped and being destroyed by birds and pigs playing with a slingshot, along with the pig animatronics being made.