Back at Piggy Industries, lot's of animatronics are under construction. The first and only finished animatronic at the time was Piggy Ham Bacon. Piggy was built by a mechanic named Droopy Wiggly Booger. He named Piggy after his son that goes by the same name. He programmed Piggy to do something special, to act as an "egg trash can." One night, Droopy was sleeping on a chair. Piggy then woke up in an inappropriate time, as he was programmed to wake up in the morning. Something in his vision was odd that night. He saw any pig as an egg. He then saw an egg sitting on the chair. He came up to the egg. Once right in front of the egg, he crushed the egg brutally. Blood spurted out of the egg, eyeballs flew out, guts exploded, and bones had been spitted out. Piggy was now successfully cursed. Ever since that incident, piglets have been reporting about hearing cries coming from Piggy whenever they're always close to Piggy.