The Office is a whole lot different compared to the office in the final game. The Office is blue, there is no light button which for a reason that there is a flashing light in the hallway and no door button. There was also use to be a huge crack in the wall for the bird animatronics to get in the Office. The vent is also in another wall rather than being in one wall like the Office from the final game. The desk in the Office is also different. The desk only has three garbled balls of paper.


  • It is possible that the creator was too lazy to put the door in the office.
  • The triangle symbol on top of the crack in the wall is very simalar than the risk/alert symbol and the symbol used when the Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 comes out of his music box.
  • If you pay close attention outside the doorway of the Office, there is blood on the hallway.
  • Rarely Ssenkard will appear in the crack in the wall.



Suit-1 in the Office after getting out of the Office Vent.


Chammy Hammy Dammy Peaking through the doorway.


The player flashing the flashlight between the crack in the wall revealing the Backstage-1.