Snotty Mc.Yucky

"I'm still voicing the Snotty Mc.Yucky character since in my previous phone calls had a lot of grammar error." -Jevron Freeman

"One time, I was too lazy to voice the phone pig so I made a computer voice of all the phone calls." -Jevron Freeman


"All the animatronics in the game were based on Angry Birds toys I had." -Jevron Freeman

"Piggy Ham Bacon was based on Freddy Fazbear from the actual Five Nights at Freddy's game." -Jevron Freeman

"All the bird animatronics were based on one of my YouTube videos called Five Nights at Reddy's." -Jevron Freeman

"The inspiration of the Withered Piggy character was planned after the horror movie character Annabelle." -Jevron Freeman

"Withered Piggy you see in the third game is actually the normal Piggy Ham Bacon you see in the third game." -Jevron Freeman

"I'll say that my favorite animatronic in the game is Bomb." -Jevron Freeman

"I tried to add Suit-2 in Five Nights at Piggy's (full game) but I didn't because he was too ugly." -Jevron Freeman

The Games

"I really think that all the games of Five Nights at Piggy's was not scary but instead, funny." -Jevron Freeman

"In the third game, if you look at the menu screen too long, Withered Piggy was about to sink down, twitch, and melt then Withered Piggy will jumpscare the player and crash the game. This was a reference to my favorite Five Nights at Freddy's fan game, Five Nights at Treasure Island." -Jevron Freeman

"Five Nights Nights Piggy's is just a easy game, I think only to me I think." - Jevron Freeman