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    New Characters

    December 18, 2015 by Jevron L Freeman

    There is going to be two new characters for Five Nights at Piggy's: Under Grave- The Spin-off Game. They both are based on new characters in Angry Birds, both the game and the movie.

    Gender: Female

    First Appearance: Angry Birds Pop (2014-2015), FNAP:UG-TSoG

    Colors: Golden Yellow

    Species: Bird

    Sharika is a Golden Yellow Angry Bird antagonist that disables bedroom equipment while she's looking at you, same as the Phantom Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. 

    She has burnt-like golden hair and had no eyes whatsoever. She has phantom like pupils though.

    Gender: Male

    First Appearance: The Angry Birds Movie (2015), FNAP:UG-TSoG

    Colors: Green

    Species: Pig

    Leonard is a green pig with green Pig like limbs that helps him walk. He is also the only pig animatr…

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  • Jevron L Freeman

    Hello FNaP Fans (maybe), in this time, you'll read a blog post I made about whether I should plan a bonus 4th game (spinoff) about Five Nights at Piggy's. In the game, you'll play as a boy who has been in acoma for 5 years. The boy has Piggy Bay Buffet scraps around his house so he can see the animatronics in his dream. Also, he is a fan of Angry Birds and Five Nights at Freddy's, which is why you play as a security pig in the last 3 games. You'll have to face Piggy and his scraped freinds. As well as the new Nightmare Piggy's friends. There will be a maximum total of 20 characters! More characters than ever in FNaF Fan Game History!

    Note that the some of the characters in this game will be cancelled and beta enemies. As well as the finishe…

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    Hi! My name is Jevron! Jevron L Freeman! So you might have been in my Youtube Channel, right? You know, Jevron Freeman? Well just go on this different Links to go on one of my accounts.

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    Because, some mystery kind-of person changed the password on the laptop. I don't even know what the password is, and so as my family. So yeah! I can't make Five Nights at Reddy's 3 anyone....... Sorry!


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