Hello FNaP Fans (maybe), in this time, you'll read a blog post I made about whether I should plan a bonus 4th game (spinoff) about Five Nights at Piggy's. In the game, you'll play as a boy who has been in acoma for 5 years. The boy has Piggy Bay Buffet scraps around his house so he can see the animatronics in his dream. Also, he is a fan of Angry Birds and Five Nights at Freddy's, which is why you play as a security pig in the last 3 games. You'll have to face Piggy and his scraped freinds. As well as the new Nightmare Piggy's friends. There will be a maximum total of 20 characters! More characters than ever in FNaF Fan Game History!

Note that the some of the characters in this game will be cancelled and beta enemies. As well as the finished games.


  • Prototype Piggy
  • Prototype Red
  • Red
  • Stella
  • Bomb
  • Blue
  • Suit-1
  • Withered Piggy
  • Moustache Piggy
  • Lucky
  • Nightmare Withered Piggy
  • Nightmare Piggy
  • Nightmare Stella
  • Nightmare Hal
  • Nightmare Hardy
  • Plue (Blue + Plushtrap)
  • Pubbles (Bubbles + Plushtrap)
  • Stripes (Easter/Striped Bird + Plushtrap)


  • Main Bedroom (Where the player stays in mostly)
  • Closet (Plush Dolls Location)


  • Corridor 1
  • Corridor 2
  • Living Room
  • Game Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen


  • Corridor 3
  • Master Bedroom
  • Brother's Bedroom
  • Sister's Bedroom
  • Bathroom (Like the Supply Closet from FNaTL 3)
  • Temperature Room (Ventilation Shaft)


  • Vent 1
  • Vent 2
  • Vent 3
  • Vent 4
  • Vent 5