Wiggly is a secondary antagonist in Five Nights at Piggy'sShe is an interactive animatronic that entertains that of very young audiences, along with Piggly. Her starting location is The Junior's Playroom. Like all the other animatronics in the buffet, she roams the buffet at night until 6 AM.

Like other pig animatronics, Wiggly sees the player as an egg and will forcefully stuff the player inside her mouth, which results in death.


Wiggly is a lime green animatronic gilt. She has small, round ears and the insides are dark green. She has a yellow-green snout and bottom jaw. She is also equiped with a pink bow tie.

When Wiggly is in The Office, she bleeds black liquid from her eyes and her eyes begin to be flash different colors every millisecond.


Wiggly's starting place is the Junior's Playroom. Once activated, she'll move towards the vent that connects the Junior's Playroom to the Backstage. She'll then move towards The Office, where once seen, will disable the advantage to swtich the lights off.


  • Five Nights at Piggy's is the only game where she appears in, along with Piggly, as they never return in the other games.
  • She is the only animatronic to adopt flashing eyes.
  • Piggly and Wiggly is one of the smallest animatronics in Five Nights at Piggy's. The smallest animatronic is Blue.
  • In the beta version of the game, Wiggly used to have hair and wore a pink hat.
  • Once in the Office, she cannot leave the room.