Withered Piggy is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Piggy's 3.
Vent 5 2

Withered Piggy in the Vent.


Withered Piggy is a burnt, cracked, and distorted version of Piggy Ham Bacon. He is white, has red cheeks, has a red glowing pupil on his left hollowed eye, a big right eye, a red ring around his red pupil on his right eye, a marionette-like jaw, grey eyebrows, and a crack on his fore-head.


Withered Piggy starts in the Supply Closet then moves towards to the hallway (first strike) then back to the Supply Closet, enters Vent-5 (second strike), then to the Office. 


  • Withered Piggy is the only animatronic in Five Nights at Piggy's 3 that doesn't appear in the Custom Night.
  • Withered Piggy was about to be planned in the first Five Nights at Piggy's game but then scrapped for an unknown reason.

    A image found in the game files of the beta of what seems to be a beta version of Withered Piggy.

  • Withered Piggy is the only animatronic to laugh in the game. This excludes Piggly and Wiggly since they were burnt in the fire from the original Piggy Bay Buffet Resturant.
  • Withered Piggy might have a similarity from Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's since Withered Piggy replaces Piggy Ham Bacon from the original. However, as said by the creator, Withered Piggy is actually Piggy Ham Bacon.


Supply Closet 1

Withered Piggy in the Supply Closet, without being active.

Supply Closet 2

Withered Piggy in the Supply Closet, Active.

Vent 5 2

Withered Piggy in Vent-5.

Office 5

Withered Piggy by the Office.

Office 6

Withered Piggy in the Office (Only seen when he exits the vent.)